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When a guy wants you back

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However, hearing those four little words in real life can be more divisive.

When an ex comes back into your life saying they want you backit's a lot. You've erased them from your life and your phone. Then — boom, un-ghosted.

They're back, bac are haunting you, and you have no idea why. When an ex comes back into the picture, you have every right to doubt their intentions — especially if they were the one to break up with you.

How can you tell if they really still love you or if they are just bored?

Loneliness is palpable and can be more painful than the break up. Your ex might be coming back because they are having trouble adjusting to the single life, rather than missing you in particular. Additionally, your ex might anchorage sex guide back when a guy wants you back "their identity was so involved with being with you, and they feel they don't have one without you," explains dating expert Thomas Edwards.

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Dating is super scary. A date means that you have basically agreed to hang out for at least an hour with a stranger who could be a psychopath.

It's hard to be vulnerable with a stranger, and it's hard to invite in the possibility of rejection. It's so easy to romanticize a relationship when a guy wants you back hindsight.

Your ex might be using getting back together as an excuse to not get back out. You might be doing the same thing.

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Try to treat dating like going to the gym: Meeting new people will help you move on. If you're romanticizing too, scroll back to those nasty texts you sent each other during a fight.

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Don't torture yourself, but get some perspective on why you chose to end the relationship. If you are still not sure whether your ex is reaching back out for all of the wrong reasons?

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If you choose this immersion method, keep your heart protected. Getting back with your ex, even for an evening, can be really complicated.

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If they just seem lonely, insecure, or like they are living in the past, maybe definitely go back to being broken up. Exes are like fire: Even if they're burned you once before, they can be very intriguing.

Be careful not to get too close. By Annie Foskett.

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