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Couples who trust their partners with money are more likely to report "hot" sex lives. However, it's the implication of a new poll from MONEYwhich surveyed millennials and baby boomers about relationships and money.

The poll found that people who trusted their partners with money were more likely to report that their sex lives were "hot" money by sex "very good," rsvp by date those who were less confident in their partner's financial skills — or reported fighting with their partners about money — were also less satisfied with the more private side of money by sex relationship.

In general, couples who saw eye to eye on retirement savings, emergency savings, investment decisions, major purchases, and retirement age fought less often, trusted each other more, and reported higher levels of bedroom bliss.

Renzulli and Poppick are clear that the poll only implies a correlation, not a causal relationship agreeing about money won't necessarily improve your sex life; conversely, money by sex great sex life doesn't money by sex mean you'll agree about money. Bearing in mind that disagreements over money are one of the leading causes of divorcethe poll's findings provide another good reason to get on the same financial page as your partner.

If you're considering marriage, money by sex a look at the three essential money conversations couples should have before getting married. If you're in any stage of your relationship, try the six money conversations every serious couple should.

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