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You like bpys, but you think you might also like girls. It's a personal question, argentia massage how do you figure out your sexual orientation and do i like boys or girls considered normal?

We're going to talk about this right now on The Scope. Questions every woman wonders about her health, body, and mind, this is "Am I Normal?

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We're talking to Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones. She's the expert on all things woman. Jones, we have a letter here from an audience member that's a little bit younger than our typical listeners. She's 16 years old. She's never had sex.

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She says that she is confident married sex blog she likes guys, but she might also like girls. But she doesn't really know what her sexual preference is because, again, she's never had sex.

She's wondering, is this a normal thing to be experiencing? Well, first do i like boys or girls all, I'm glad she emailed, but I hope she also has somebody that's safe to talk to. Ro let's talk about normal. So sometimes normal is a scientific number, and sometimes normal is a cultural construct, meaning the culture tells you what's normal and li,e normal when culture may not be normal or.

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And when it comes to sexual preference or sexual identity, it's both a scientific number, and I can give you some numbers, and it's neither because, in fact, we live in a multi-cultural society and people don't always tell the truth, so we may not even have the right numbers.

But let's just do some numbers. Do i like boys or girls, the cultural, when it comes to normal, it's really very difficult to know what normal is because one culture or subculture may all time sex one thing as okay.

And often, we use the word "normal" as what we think as okay, so that a lot of people would do things that we think are not okay, like have sex girs your marriage, that's like not okay. It's so common that it's normal by numbers.

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meet australian girls So I don't know what normal is, but you are certainly, this young woman is not. In young people, particularly young women, sexual preference is rather fluid, meaning the kind of people someone do i like boys or girls want to have sex with kind of changes a bit, a bunch. The old paradigm, the old way of thinking was likf you were born one way or the other and you need to just pick one.

You're either gay or you're straight, and you need to stick with it. But in fact, we're finding more and more that, once again, particularly for women, it's not so simple. Do i like boys or girls some people, all their lives, will have a preference for one or the other or equally dating 4 divorced both, but some people bots from one sexual preference to another through their adolescence.

A young woman may have a very close personal friend and that person might be gay or might not be gay, and what becomes a very personal relationship starts to feel like a romantic relationship. So for many women, and particularly young k, it's more about the relationship, the person, than it is about the sex.

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So we tend to, as women can, inflate our romance and our do i like boys or girls with sex, whereas men do that a little less than women. So the most important thing is if you don't know right now, don't tell, meaning you don't have to commit right.

This is an important thing for you to luke about and think about, but you need to find someone you can talk to.

And most importantly, you need to be safe. So the place that I wouldn't talk about it is all over school or even with one person at school unless you think that person is dl safe.

You put a lot of emphasis on making sure that she has someone that she can talk to. Adult personals sex is that so critical?

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The important reason to talk through how you're feeling and work with someone that you feel safe with is because in many cultures, and I don't know the culture of this young woman, being gay is considered not okay.

And so many young people who find themselves with same sex attraction, that brings with it an enormous layer of guilt and "I am not okay" and self-loathing. We know that gay and lesbian and transgendered children, young people, adolescents are more likely to commit suicide. We know they're more likely to use drugs and alcohol. Girlz part of lke is the alienation they feel gifls themselves and their family.

So I want these people, these young people to be do i like boys or girls, and being able to talk to through do i like boys or girls with someone who understands that they're going to grow, they're going to feel more comfortable with themselves as they get older, whichever path they take, will be helpful and keep these young people safe.

So who do housewives personals in Lonoke AR find who's safe? Now, it could be that you giros a parent who's safe.

Or in this case, it might be an auntie or someone that you know. It could be a counselor because more and more high school counselors are becoming very familiar and very comfortable in talking to young people about sexual identity and free adult thumbnails choice and the fluidity that people experience in high school.

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If you don't feel that this is a safe place for you to talk out your concerns and grow with them, there are several churches that welcome gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, and queer people of all kinds. I would say that the Metropolitan Church and there are Metropolitan churches all over the country. The Unitarian Church is often very welcoming and the pastors in those churches are trained to do i like boys or girls people talk about how they feel.

So you need to be safe.

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So the question is, and the answer is, whether or not you're normal and I don't think that's really the question, is that you are okay and you are not. You are in really good company. Want The Scope delivered straight to your inbox?

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